Exciting news!  I am guest posting for Xiaolu at 6bittersweets this week.  Please check out my post and show her some love!


I met Xiaolu this year through the wonderful World of blogging. I was initially attracted to her jaw-dropping photos on 6 Bittersweets and with time have discovered that her inner beauty was just as beautiful as her talent. She was sweet enough to bake me cupcakes on my birthday and even mailed me the adorable pompoms she used to decorate them with. See why I love this girl? You’re the sweetest Xiaolu, thank you for having me guest post on your blog today.

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  1. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets says: 18 Aug ’11 • 03:14:56

    Thanks so much for bringing this lovely salad and heartwarming memories to my blog — it’s an honor truly!


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