This week I had a very special guest for my Sunday Brunch series over at Crave DFW – Tre Wilcox from Marquee Grill and also one of my favorite contenders on Top Chef All-Stars, shared his scrumptious “Bacon” and Waffles.

While trying to keep composure, I fortunately did not bust ass in front of Chef Wilcox as I previously had with Chef Temperini, but I’m not gonna lie — I was nervous.  I mean here he was, this culinary superstar whom I so admired for his leadership, calm nature in his art, was sitting in front of me with his arms crossed with Discipline & No Regret inked down his forearm.

A small bead of sweat rolled down my face, he wasn’t going to kick my ass for asking too many questions….was he?  Thank fully he spared me but not without giving me a hard time first.  We chatted about Marquee Grill, how he started his passion for cooking, the things that inspire him and I HAD to ask him ONE top chef question.  Find out more about my interview over at Crave DFW with the wonderful Chef Tre Wilcox.


  1. Brian says: 4 Jul ’11 • 14:36:16

    Such a great feature! Now I’m dying to check out this place. The restaurant sounds phenomenal.


  2. Jess Wakasugi says: 5 Jul ’11 • 14:19:20

    Oh wow, how exciting! I can’t imagine getting to meet him, I would be so nervous. What a great and fun opportunity :)


  3. betty says: 20 Jul ’11 • 13:05:19

    what a babe! and i luv the icing sugar shot :)


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