Happy 4th of July folks!  The biggest Summer holiday that celebrates all the important essentials– swimming, BBQing, soaking up the rays while sipping on some ice cold beer lemonade.  Are yall feeling me?  Aside from getting a day off work, 4th of July is actually one of the most important holidays in America as it celebrates the legal celebration of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain.  Pretty big deal guys, without the the Declaration of Independence America wouldn’t be the land of dreams and opportunities known to so many people today.

With that in mind, we must be sure to celebrate her marvel and grace that is America.  Raise your glasses this year and celebrate your patriotism to the US of A — be loud and be proud for being an American no matter what race, color, or religion and make a vow to be the best citizen you can be.  What we have here is beautiful and we should always take the time to cherish and appreciate what our founding fathers have done for us.  I hope you enjoyed that Independence Day PSA, I felt really patriotic after watching Team America last night: I am officially ramped up for this weekend.

Honey Yogurt Berry Pops
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Recipe type: Dessert
Author: Joy Zhang
Serves: 8
Bring on the fireworks, slather on that sunscreen and party hardy with family and loved ones. And if you’re experiencing the same sweltering hot weather as we’re having in Texas you’ll appreciate this recipe for Honey Yogurt Berry Pops. It’s a healthy way to stay cool and it literally takes a few minutes to make. I used the Norpro popsicle molds and they worked great, I recommend letting the pops defrost for 3-5 minutes before trying to pop them out.
  • 2 cups 0% Greek Yogurt, I used Fage (Chobani will work as well)
  • 1 cup raw honey
  • 1 cup mixed berries, washed (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries)
  1. Blend yogurt and honey together in a large bowl. Fold mixed berries in. Transfer into a container with a spout so the mixture can be poured into popsicle molds. Fill popsicle molds close the top and put in popsicle sticks. Freeze for 3 hours or overnight.
  2. You can use any of the remaining mixture and blend it with some ice for a yogurt berry smoothie!

I love the wholesomeness of this recipe — just 3 simple ingredients: fresh berries, fat free Greek yogurt and raw honey.  It truly is simplicity at its finest.  Since Greek yogurt has a thicker and creamier consistency and flavor than regular yogurts, these popsicles taste absolutely decadent without the guilt.  Using honey as a natural sweetener, it adds a nice floral body to the yogurt and brings out the sweetness of the berries even further.












  1. kita says: 2 Jul ’11 • 00:47:10

    These look absolutely divine. The honey dripping off the popsicle really just puts everything over the top. I’m once again so very impressed by your eye and style.


  2. Amanda says: 2 Jul ’11 • 13:00:39

    Oh, yum! What a sweet and healthful treat—and perfect for the holiday! Where do you get your popsicle molds?


  3. Heidi @ Food Doodles says: 2 Jul ’11 • 17:13:40

    Mmm, so simple but they look so delicious! Your photography is wonderful, I love how you’ve set everything up!


  4. [email protected] says: 2 Jul ’11 • 22:52:27

    Love those photos of the honey dripping off the pops! Happy 4th!


  5. JourneyKitchen says: 3 Jul ’11 • 10:23:09

    I agree! Love the photos and the fun element!


  6. Elissa says: 4 Jul ’11 • 22:47:52

    These look absolutely amazing. I want oneeeee!


  7. Sarah says: 5 Jul ’11 • 20:32:46

    These look spectacular!!! I love the idea of using the remainder for smoothies. In fact, I would totally make this just to pop into a morning smoothie.


  8. Brian says: 13 Jul ’11 • 15:26:37

    I am in love… seriously in love. And now I am inspired to try my hand at my own pops!


  9. betty says: 20 Jul ’11 • 13:07:24

    they look delicious joy and so simple too! i think ill go out and buy some popsicle thingioss now :D


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