Editor’s Note: Following the wonderful POM event last week and the New York City Wine and Food Festival, which POM was a proud sponsor in joining the fight to end childhood hunger by supporting Share our Strength and the Food Bank for NYC], we decided to use POM to make awesome recipes!

Check out my post at Appetite for Good where I feature POM jelloshots in celebration of the POM charity dinner last week in New York.  I admit for this post I time traveled to my college days — the endless nights studying in the library, the glorious freshman 15 and the oh so popular…jello shots.


  1. Kristen says: 14 Oct ’10 • 09:33:31

    They maybe jello shots but they look like they’re right out of the Victorian era. Only you could class up jello shot and make them look great!


  2. Sara says: 14 Oct ’10 • 17:30:48

    OMG Joy, I want one right now!! Love the Pomegranate seeds & the pearls!!!


  3. AndreaAtPOM says: 14 Oct ’10 • 21:34:10

    Those are GORGEOUS – I love how you added the “accessories” to them. :)


  4. Soma says: 20 Oct ’10 • 11:28:33

    Simply stunning.. A post to treasure..


  5. Joy Zhang says: 25 Oct ’10 • 19:11:29

    WOW! what a wonderful comment, thank you :)


  6. Joy Zhang says: 25 Oct ’10 • 19:11:44

    Thank you Andrea :) Glad you enjoyed it!


  7. Joy Zhang says: 25 Oct ’10 • 19:11:58

    Thank you Sara!! I would give you plenty if you were here :)


  8. Joy Zhang says: 25 Oct ’10 • 19:12:14

    :) Kristen thank you for making me smile, you are so sweet!


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