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Part 4 of 5 — Wuxi SuZhou and Chenghuang Miao

The second part of the Wuxi trip we went to Turtle Head Peninsula on Tai Lake.  It is the most beautiful place of Tai Lake and the name comes from  the tip of the peninsula that is shaped like a turtle head!  Inside the park … Read More


Shanghai Pt. 2 – Introduction to the Family

The excitement of my aunt and uncle was so endearing to me.  The minute we arrived at their house they busily buzzed around, making sure we were taken care of — “Would you guys like some hot tea? Do you need more hangers?  We have … Read More


Shanghainese Baby Back Ribs

My mother sent me back with this gigantic rack of baby back ribs — see why I like going back home so much? Haha I decided to be inventive and created a unique bbq sauce made from “Jiu Nian” or Fermented Rice.  It turned out  … Read More