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Blueberry Muffins with Streusel Topping

I’ve fallen in love with Nashville, Tennessee.  I never imagined the south to be so beautiful but Nashville has everything I have ever dreamed of — huge front and back yards adorned with beautiful hydrangeas,  soft rolling hills filled with Dogwoods, Maple and Magnolia trees, … Read More


Mother’s Day Treats

This  Sunday is Mother’s Day and what better way to say “Mom, I love you” than baking up a batch of treats?  Every woman loves her sweets . I will be featuring 3 easy to make treats for today — Pecan Bars, Coconut Macarons and … Read More


Shortbread Cookies

Since I am still pretty jet-lagged I figured I’d soothe my insomnia with a post .  I had actually meant to post this entry while I was in China but apparently they do not allow blogging websites there.  I was also unable to access Twitter … Read More


Chocolate Spice Cake with Cranberries and Pecans

I spent the entire week trying to find the perfect words to celebrate the life of James Neal Blanton.  Unfortunately, my entire post got erased yesterday, yes a n00b mistake, I know.  A million times Collin had told me “Always backup Joy” “You should write … Read More


Happy Birthday to Mary Moh

One of the many reasons why I enjoy blogging is being able to meet people from all different regions of the world.  One of the very first blogger friends I made was Mary Moh from Keep Learning Keep Smiling.  I was instantly drawn to her … Read More


Sucré Love

You know what girls like more than getting flowers?  — Beautifully crafted, delicious edible treats, I mean you can’t eat flowers…  Once again Sucré has sent me more of their wonderful, artisanal crafted sweets: dark chocolate raspberry ganache and king cake french macaroons. Sucré (which … Read More


Ultimate Sugar Cookies

My goodness it’s good to be back!  Work has been busy (hurray!), but unfortunately has left me with little time to tend to my blog (booo!).  It’s been a blast though, I feel fortuate to have a job that allows me so much creative/artistic freedom … Read More


Apple Spice Muffins with Maple Brown Sugar Frosting

I have to admit, weekends I always like to indulge in a nice dessert.  So this past weekend, I decided to make these moist, delicious and OUT OF THIS WORLD cupcakes.  I mean I guess I’m excited about these because I didn’t expect them to … Read More


Mixed Fruit Tart

“Nom nom nommy nom nom” — are probably the only words that will escape your lips upon tasting this tart.  Recently at work I’ve been working on fruit tarts since Valentine’s day is only right around the corner and I’ve forgotten as to how delectably … Read More


FoodBuzz 24,24,24: Discovering a Hidden Gem – Dallas Farmer’s Market

I think one of the most important things to remember in cooking is picking good quality ingredients–fresh produce, grass fed beef, wild-caught seafood, fresh pastas–the difference in flavors are unbelievable.  I started venturing to farmer’s markets on a weekly basis when I lived in Tucson,AZ … Read More


Sugar Donut Muffins

Sorry for being MIA lately, I’ve found myself very busy during the holidays all of a sudden.  I had a wonderful time in Michigan, which I still need to post pictures for and I just started my new job as a pastry chef/line chef at … Read More


Simple Delicious Holiday Gifts Pt.1- Truffles

I think the best kind of gifts to give people during the Holidays are ones from the heart, and what better way to express your love than homemade EDIBLE presents?  Nothing beats a happy belly I will be featuring 3 different types of edible holiday … Read More