It’s been a blistering hot Summer here.  At times I have trouble focusing, my head feels a daze as I watch the heat shrivel out the remaining life of our cucumber plants.  Day after day the temperatures soared past 100 even 105! How is that even legal?  It’s even unbearable to walk around barefoot anymore; the once soft plushy grass is now replaced with a crunchy yellow patch.  My feet strive for relief.


I can hardly wait for Fall to arrive and I often pray hard for rain.  It seems that God is listening — for the past two mornings have been graced by the soft pitter patter of rain drops beating against my window.  What relief for this scorching hot Summer.  What joy life must feel after such an absence.  If only it rained harder so I could sing and dance and twirl like a child again.


Basil has been growing like mad; the fragrance can be intoxicatingly sweet.  It has a sharpness to it that lingers within you, an awakening of the senses.  I decided to pair fresh basil with ginger soda and added a citrus kick with some fresh grapefruit juice.  Since alcohol makes me blush, I tend to find refreshing mixes that can be just as satisfying as your next mimosa. 


Speaking of which – feel free to mix with a bottle of champagne or maybe even a bottle of white wine for a tasty sangria!  Enjoy the last bits of Summer while it lasts.  So let’s raise our glasses: Here’s to you Summer, thanks for the hot beating, it’s time for you to leave, and please don’t come back as angry as you did this year.  Cheers!   



  1. Kristen says: 31 Aug ’11 • 06:25:33

    I want one. Can you come to Santa Cruz and make one for me even though our grapefruits won’t be ready until December or January?


  2. Roberta Galea says: 31 Aug ’11 • 09:55:33

    Absolutely devine photography.. love the style, will definitely try this one out :)


  3. Sukaina says: 31 Aug ’11 • 13:45:39

    Thos pictures are divine. I made a grapefruti drink in summer but added mint instead of basil. Might have to try this!


  4. Elissa says: 31 Aug ’11 • 14:24:29

    Wait, Dallas is getting rain? Where is OUR rain?!
    Aside from that… JOY. That drink looks so so so refreshing. I like the font you used on the photos as well!


  5. Soma says: 31 Aug ’11 • 14:52:44

    Some amazing photographs and the RIGHT thing for the triple digit temperatures we are having right now:)


  6. Peggy says: 31 Aug ’11 • 20:38:07

    This drink sounds like a real thirst quencher! We’ve had basil growing all over the place this summer – so this is definitely a unique treat i could whip up with it =) Hope you’re doing well Joy!


  7. RChristopher says: 1 Sep ’11 • 03:08:32

    This looks fantastic. Love the combination of the grapefruit and basil…so refreshing. I sympathize with you on the heat. Got in the car the other day and the temperature reading was 117. Ouch!


  8. Madeleine says: 1 Sep ’11 • 14:02:39

    Where did you get those beautiful glasses!?


  9. Sonnet says: 1 Sep ’11 • 21:16:30

    Your photographs are stunning – I can practically feel the bubbles in my throat! As someone that doesn’t tolerate alcohol well either I’m always on the lookout for yummy mimosa replacements and I think I’ve finally found the perfect match! Thank you!


  10. Vanille says: 1 Sep ’11 • 21:25:45

    You have beautifully captured this refreshing drink. Perfect for Summer months indeed !


  11. Jennifer (Delicieux) says: 2 Sep ’11 • 04:28:44

    Your photos are absolutely amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the second photo (the close up) it is SO beautiful!!!!!


  12. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen says: 2 Sep ’11 • 07:59:41

    So elegant! A beautiful cocktail.


  13. Radhika says: 2 Sep ’11 • 16:22:32

    Joy, Love the last pic, simply gorgeous!


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