Coming back from Europe has left me wanting more.  I miss that European flare I fell so much in love with while I was there — the art, the sophistication, the food.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Luciano Salvadore from Patrizio — an Italian bistro serving traditional Italian family fare.

Chef Luciano grew up in Vincenza, Italy and found his passion for cooking through his mother. By age 13 he started his first kitchen job and quickly developed his passion to become a chef.  He holds great pride in his heritage by using fresh, high-quality ingredients in his dishes — “There is nothing like good fresh tomatoes or fragrant olive oil, freshness is very important.”

Patrizio serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 12pm and offers an array of exceptional Italian breakfasts like their famous Pizza Dolce Alla Nutella — a thin crust pizza topped generously with sweet chocolate hazelnut spread topped with pistachios.

Other great options include the Uova Strapazzate con Salsiccia, scrambled eggs served with Italian sausage and roasted potatoes and the Crespelle Farcite a Piacere, delicate vanilla crepes filled with your choice of spreads.

To read more on my article about Chef Luciano which includes a recipe for his AMAZING Uova Colombo, head on over to Crave DFW!


  1. [email protected] says: 7 Jun ’11 • 12:07:04

    Nutella pizza?! OMG I must have that now!


  2. Elissa says: 7 Jun ’11 • 22:33:02

    Nutella + pizza = I want, so hard.


  3. Kulsum at JourneyKit says: 9 Jun ’11 • 10:39:38

    speechless on that Nutella Pizza! I usually spread nutella on crisped Indian roti (flat bread) and top it with nuts and fold it. Instant satisfaction:-)


  4. Brian says: 10 Jun ’11 • 12:23:49

    I love these little features and that nutella pizza has me drooling!


  5. Xiaolu/6Bittersweets says: 10 Jun ’11 • 20:07:03

    Mmm that nutella pizza looks soooo good!


  6. Amanda says: 11 Jun ’11 • 09:46:59

    I love the look of those crepes in particular … they sing.


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